Key Steps of Django App Deployment

There are eight key steps to deploy a Django app from scratch. If you are handling app deployment for the first time, it may take time to go through all the processes, but once you have familiarized yourself with them, you can manage the deployment a lot faster. As there are many potential pitfalls in the deployment process, we try to explain it in as much detail as possible in this chapter. Here is an overview of the eight key steps in the Django app development. You don't need to understand everything now. We'll go through them one by one in this chapter.

  1. Hosting Service Initial Settings
  2. Production Database Setup – PostgreSQL setup
  3. Django App Production Configuration – Edit
  4. Django and Dependency Installation
  5. Application and Web Server Setup
  6. Domain Setup
  7. SSL Setup and Port Setting – Certbot setup
  8. Social Login and Email Settings

1. Hosting Service Initial Settings

Once you decide on a hosting service (e.g., AWS Lightsail)