Django Introduction

Django Introduction

Django Course for Beginners - Learn Django Basics

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Django Course for Beginners: A Comprehensive Course Guide

Who is this Django Course for?

  • Complete beginners in Django
  • Developers who want to build a solid foundation in Django web application coding
  • Anyone who wants to build a web application quickly using Django

Introduction to Django Course

Django is one of the most popular web frameworks, especially for backend coding. Django is written in Python. Having Python knowledge is preferable for this course but not mandatory. You can also learn Python coding through Django if you are a beginner.

Throughout this course, you will learn:

  • Key Concepts of Django
  • How to make a simple app with Django
  • How to manage models and databases for the Django app
  • How to build user management functionalities using a Django library
  • How to deploy the Django app in the production environment

How to learn Django with this course?

Complete Web App Development Journey

You'l experience a complete build and launch of your own web application from start to finish with our expert step-by-step guidance.

By the end of this course, you’ll have built your own Django web application.

You will style your application using Bootstrap for a responsive design.


A GitHub repository is available for the demo website code. Check the link below to access the repository.

Demo Code github
Designed for Complete Beginners

This course is designed for a complete beginner. By simply copying and pasting the code snippets into your text file, you can build your Django web app very easily.


Easily copy lengthy code snippets! Simply click the copy icon in the top right corner of the code section.

Theory and Practice

We believe in a hands-on approach. Our course combines clear explanations of Django concepts with step-by-step code snippets.


This lets you learn the theory and immediately apply it through practical exercises, solidifying your understanding and building your skills effectively.

Hands-on App Deployment Guidance

This course covers a detailed approach for app deployment using AWS platform.


At the end of this course, your app will be online and accessible from anywhere to anyone.

Chapter 1. Django Key Concepts

6 lessons

Chapter Information

Chapter 2. Django Quick Start Guide

16 lessons

Chapter Information

Chapter 3. Django Models and Databases

17 lessons

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Chapter 4. Create CRUD Web Application

28 lessons

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Chapter 5. User Management

17 lessons

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Chapter 6. Deploy Django App

23 lessons

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